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License*Link Online
is your internet connection to the private land mobile radio service licensing process. All the tools you need to complete the Form 601 are available for your use. Complete FCC instructions, handy help screens, data verification checks and an easy-to-use form are provided to simplify your licensing experience.

Your first requirement is to register as a new License*Link Online user. Click first on register and follow the instructions for completing the financial information for the payment method you select; either major credit card or COEP, WIA's electronic bank draft plan. WIA has provided a secured system for submitting this information.

The approval process requires a three day waiting period. However, acknowledgement of your request will be e-mailed to you on receipt of your request.

On approval of your payment method, you will be assigned an account number and password which must be used to access the system for all transactions. Once your financial information is processed, you will not need to access the registration menu again.

WIA asks that you notify us immediately of discrepancies or additional requirements.

With your account number and password you may proceed directly to the Form 601. You can create templates, and/or complete your applications on line by following the easy-to-use format. Complete FCC instructions are available for your online use. Handy hot buttons are located next to many form fields to provide you instructions, tips and supporting documentation to help you through the application process.

WIA is pleased to provide this convenient "paper less" method to filing your land mobile radio applications. We have incorporated a customer satisfaction icon for your feedback. We would like to hear how we are doing. Your comments on what we are doing right as well as what we are doing wrong will help us serve you better.

Thank you for using WIA. We hope your licensing experience is a good one and we look forward to a continuing relationship for all your licensing needs. Don't hesitate to call Coordination Services at 1-800-759-0300 should you have a question. Direct email addresses for staff members can be found on our web site.

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