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Why should I submit my application to WIA electronically?

By using electronic filing, your application will be logged into WIA the same day you send it. Your WIA control number will be e-mailed to you the next working day following submittal of your application. There is no waiting for mail delivery, loss of your application in the mail process or delays due to misdelivered mail.

How can I pay for my application if I file it electronically?

You may pay your FCC and WIA coordination fees two ways. You can use a major credit card by completing the credit application form with the appropriate credit card information. The registration process is through a secured system on the internet, however if you prefer you may contact WIA's License*Link Administrator to make other arrangements.

Your most cost effective payment method is through COEP, WIA's electronic payment plan. This convenient bank draft method provides you a 5 percent discount on the coordination fee and allows WIA to pay your FCC directly to Mellon Bank electronically. If you file more than 10 applications annually, this is the recommended payment method. Complete the appropriate bank reference information on the credit application form to set up your account.

Once your payment method is approved by WIA, you may go directly to the application process. On subsequently filings, you will not need to register again, except to make changes to your existing payment information.

Who do I call for help?

If you have a question regarding the transmission of your application, please contact WIA at 800 759-0300 and ask for the License*Link Online Administrator. The Administrator will have information regarding your registration, e-mail transmissions, and electronic transmittal process.

If you a question regarding questions on the Form 601, please contact a Coordination Customer Account Representative at 800 759-0300. WIA representatives can help you with rule interpretation and fee information.

What will License*Link Online cost me?

There is no charge to you from WIA. We have provided this service at no cost to help you file your applications as efficiently as possible. Your cost to use and send your completed applications to WIA will be your on line charges incurred with your internet provider.

Today, most people select "unlimited" use on a monthly basis when selecting an internet provider and therefore the amount of time you spend on line preparing and submitting your applications will not impact the cost of on line charges. Be sure to review any long distance charges that may be incurred in connecting to your provider.

If the FCC requires an original signature on an application, how can I do that electronically?
With the advent of ULS and technology capable of accepting electronic filing of information, the FCC is able to electronically accept renewals, applications and documents requiring signatures. The printed name becomes the signature and authorization for processing the applicant's request. However, the FCC will expect the submitter to have an original signature on file as part of their records. Should the need arise, the FCC can request that original signatures be provided.
How do I get a signature from my customer if I am filing electronically?
You can create your customer's application on line and print a customer copy of the form. This copy can be sent to the customer for signature. Although you do not submit this copy to WIA, it should be held in your files as documentation of the applicant's approval and legal responsibility for the contents of the application.
Can I download the application to my PC and work on it off line?
No. The application you create is retained on WIA's web server. This is to maintain the integrity of the system and provide you the best possible source for accurately storing your data. You have access to your records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which will enhance customer service to your client. For instance, if you are at your customer's site and need to access his application information, simply sign on to the internet with your ID and password and you have access to their application. License*Link Online provides flexibility not available on a standard PC.
Will I be able to review all my customer's applications?
Yes. The beauty of License*Link Online is that you have total control of your customer filings at all times. You can review one or all of your customer's filings. The reference numbers you assign your customers will allow you to sort your customer accounts and present an inventory of their history. Be sure to think of a customer reference numbering system that provides you with a good picture of your customers' filings.
What happens if I send an application to WIA, but do not get an e-mail notification of the WIA control number?

It is very important that you monitor the applications you submit to WIA and review the e-mail notifications regarding those submittals. If you do not receive a confirmation from WIA with your assigned control number within a day or two, notify WIA immediately.

Electronic technology is wonderful, but it is not infallible. Weather, server problems, and unknown factors could cause an interruption to your transmission. If we do not know you submitted an application that we did not show we received, then WIA is unaware of your problem and we cannot act on identifying the cause.

What types of applications can I send to WIA electronically?

WIA is the largest coordinator for the Industrial/Business pool of frequencies, WIA accepts all applications for new frequency requests, modification to licenses for any frequency in the pool, regardless of its prior radio service, with the exception of frequencies assigned exclusively to Railroad, Petroleum and Power Services. Special emergency requests for purposes other than life/death rescue services and renewals and assignments requiring technical changes are also under WIA authority.

WIA encourages electronic filing since it offers a "paper less" solution to the licensing process. Your land mobile radio applications are our priority and we wish to partner with you in making compliance with FCC rules and regulations as efficient and accurate as possible.

Thank you for your patronage. WIA looks forward to serving
all your coordination needs.